Software and DevOps Engineer.

Student at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

About Me
About Me

Having graduated from the broad-based programme of Industrial Engineering and Management at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, I am currently studying Software Engineering of Distributed Systems at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. I am addicted to programming and you can find an extract of my coding skills on my GitHub page.
My strength is in backend development in Java (Spring). Nevertheless, I am also familiar with frontend development, mainly in Vaadin Flow, and Python development in the framework Flask.
Many people have highlighted my inquiring mind and ability to learn fast as my strengths and I would gladly learn new programming languages and frameworks for you.

  • Name: Felix Seifert
  • Email: mail@felix-seifert.com
  • Citizenship: German
  • Course of Studies: Software Engineering of Distributed Systems
Jan 2020 - Apr 2020
DevOps Engineer Working Student at Bosch GmbH (Karlsruhe, Germany)

* Continue to work on part number release tracking tool developed Japan

Jun 2019 - Nov 2019
DevOps Engineer Intern at Bosch Japan (Tokyo, Japan)

* Identify bottleneck in part number release process in complex ERP orchestration
* Design and develop part number release tracking tool from scratch in Java (Vaadin Flow and Spring Boot) with huge MySQL database to increase efficiency process for several teams at different locations worldwide
* Deploy and manage web app on Cloud Foundry, manage project and CI/CD pipeline with GitLab
* Optimise database connection with Hibernate and Hazelcast

Apr 2019 - May 2019
Research Assistant at Research Group SECUSO of Institute AIFB, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Karlsruhe, Germany)

* Customise election rules of existing E-Voting system EasyVote of Prof. Dr. Volkamer in PHP for municipal elections of Karlsruhe
* Update PHP version of EasyVote and modify GUI in CSS and HTML
* Host implementation of EasyVote for municipal elections publicly in compliance with law

Jul 2018 - Mar 2019
Research Assistant at FZI Research Center for Information Technology (Karlsruhe, Germany)

* Pre-process data of Bosch’s worldwide logistics network using Java with Hibernate in Spring Boot app
* Provide data via REST API for calculation of estimated time of arrival (ETA)
* Create new Flask service in Python from scratch to calculate ETA
* Research and apply Trajectory Mining techniques on pre-processed data extracted with SQLAlchemy

Sep 2017 - Mar 2018
Software Development Intern at Bosch Software Innovations GmbH (Singapore)

* Develop backend of Anomaly Detection Service of Bosch IoT Suite in Java (Spring Boot), deal with RabbitMQ, create and call REST APIs, test with jUnit and Mockito, handle MongoDB and MySQL
* Improve performance of frontend and prevent wrong user inputs using Javascript (AngularJS)
* Organise work based on Scrum, collaborate with Jira, Bitbucket and Confluence
* Work in multinational Analytics Team with daily meetings of team members from Germany, India and Singapore
* Proactively plan and implement Java course for colleagues which received excellent feedback, coordinate assistant coach
* Become member of internship development program students@bosch for outstanding performers

Oct 2016 - Feb 2017
Tutor at Institute AIFB, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Karlsruhe, Germany)

* Support lectures for “Introduction to Programming with Java” by teaching over 100 freshmen in tutorials
* Implement evaluation for assessing and enhancing tutorials, including usage instructions and best practices
* Organise and carry out exercise for more than 450 students
* Analyse presentations for imparting knowledge and develop better ones for future seminars

since Aug 2020
Master of Science at KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm, Sweden)

* Software Engineering of Distributed Systems
* Scholarship of Cusanuswerk: scholarship board of German Ministry of Education for gifted Catholic students with excellent achievements, programme includes interdisciplinary summer schools

2013 - 2020
Bachelor of Science at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Karlsruhe, Germany)

* Industrial Engineering and Management, focus on applied informatics and security
* Bachelor's thesis: "Towards the Secure Continuous Certification of Cloud Computing Services", a microservices-based approach to secure a monitoring-based Continuous Service Certification architecture
* Scholarship of Cusanuswerk: scholarship board of German Ministry of Education for gifted Catholic students with excellent achievements, programme includes interdisciplinary summer schools
* Germany Scholarship by SEW-Eurodrive-Foundation: support for students who are engaged in society and show extraordinary talent in their courses of studies
* Develop and present an Ambient Assisted Living prototype based on Amazon Alexa (video upon request)
* Study interruption (Jan 2014 to Sep 2015): recover from accident, gain experience in liaison and neurological treatment

2004 - 2013
Abitur (GCE A-levels equivalent) at Christian Rauch School (Bad Arolsen, Germany)

* Amongst others intensive courses in Music and Mathematics
* Member of different music ensembles: travel to different countries, teach and conduct younger musicians for audience of 400 people, manage and lead events and workshops
* Plan and execute multiple camps (100 participants) and other various events of the Association of young Catholics
* Give one-to-one tuition lessons as well as teach classes of up to 20 pupils in Science and self-organisation


* Acquire new knowledge and consolidate existing mastery through publishing code on my GitHub page and sharing insights on my website blog.felix-seifert.com

* Found and manage a registered charitable association giving advice to students with disabilities on how to (re-)start their studies
* Utilise and become familiar with their problems
* www.restart-studium.de

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